Is It Really a Horror Movie?

Disclaimer: This post will contain a movie review with spoilers, so please be advised.


Summary:  The movie, “You’re Next” is summarized by IMDB, “When the Davison family comes under attack during their wedding anniversary getaway, the gang of mysterious killers soon learns that one of victims harbors a secret talent for fighting back.”

Intro to Characters: Right away we meet the family members, the parents, Mr. and Mrs. Davidson; the middle brother, Crispian and his girlfriend, Erin; the oldest brother Drake and his wife, Kelly; the youngest brother Felix and his girlfriend, Zee; and lastly, the sister Aimee and her boyfriend, Tariq. (See full list of casting here).

First impressions: Between the dysfunction of this family and the banter between the brothers, I couldn’t quit laughing. Well, at least until an arrow came flying through the window and hit Tariq square in the forehead, followed by an arrow to Drake in the back. The family was now under attack and they all scrambled to find shelter under the table.

Reception: This is where the movie failed in delivering the horror. Though there were masked killers shooting arrows through a window killing the family one by one, I couldn’t look past the dramatic camera motions and the loud blood hurling screams being yelled from everyone on the cast. What’s even worse was the fact that even though they were all being massacred, the brothers still found time to argue.

I think trying to capture the reaction of all ten cast members while also trying to show the masked killers from outside was a bit presumptuous. It wasn’t done effectively. It was almost so dramatic, it was funny.

After the arrows stopped flying, Drake stood up and was walking around with an arrow sticking out of his back, and I couldn’t help but laugh when Felix walked up to him and ripped the arrow right out. Then, as if the family couldn’t come up with a better idea, they arrange for Amy to run outside for help because their phones weren’t working. I don’t know about you, but if flying arrows were being hurled at my family from outside, the last place I’d want to be is out there with them. It’s safe to assume she didn’t make it very far. The family members were dropping like flies and it was almost so much at once that it lost its ability to be scary.

Closure: Toward the end, the only people left alive are Felix, Zee, Crispian and Erin, except Crispian disappeared earlier in the movie, so you sort of forget about him. Throughout the whole movie, Erin acts as a vigilante by slaughtering all the killers that come past her while the others look at her in surprise.

What surprised me even more was the big reveal. We find out that Felix and Crispian staged the attack on their family because they wanted their family’s inheritance. What they didn’t take into account was how good at killing Erin really was. Turns out she grew up on a survival camp. Who would’ve known? Felix and Crispian’s plan is revealed when Erin overhears Crispian on the phone with Felix and she ends up killing them both, ending up as the only survivor in the house. I don’t know about you, but that’s the worst anniversary getaway I’ve ever heard of.

Final Remarks: The dark humor that surrounded this movie was enough for me to forget I was watching a horror movie and the parts that were supposed to be frightening were actually funny. I couldn’t stop laughing long enough to be scared. So I wondered, was this really a horror movie?

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